November 2019: Education Market Review

Below is a snapshot of Education and Business-focused news from November 2019, brought to you from the world.

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Artificial Intelligence in education

Saudi Arabia to welcome foreign universities campuses

Dr. Hamad Al- Sheikh, Education Minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (“KSA”), has introduced a scheme which enables foreign university campuses to be established in hope of providing better quality education within the Kingdom. Two major benefits include students being able to study closer to home, and increased competition meaning that local institutions will have to offer stronger programs inline with the international offering to attract higher calibre students.

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ByteDance to launch AI teacher by 2020

Chinese internet company ByteDance is set to release a 24-hour artificial intelligence (AI) teacher for K-12 students in China by 2020, and will be the third English language learning product created by ByteDance. The AI assistant will deliver notes, responding to the pronunciation of learners, the teachers will then be in a better position to aid the student in improving their pronunciation.

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UAE rises in Global Knowledge Index, top in region

The UAE continues to rise in the global ranking of knowledge-based societies, securing the 18th spot. The index is an initiative by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation (MBRF) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and measures 136 countries across different criteria including, pre-university education, technical and vocational education and training, higher education, research development and innovation, information and communications technology, economy, and general enabling environment.

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Free after-school sessions in Abu Dhabi for over 5,600 students

The first phase of free after-school classes covering STEAM topics have been rolled out, offering 15 courses to 70 classes and serving approximately 1,793 students. In an initiative introduced by ADEK, this is set to expand to cater for 5,688 students and will extend to include topics such as; coding, robotics, machine learning and arts.

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The rise of children joining high-IQ society Mensa

The number of children under the age of 11 who have joined the elite British high-IQ society British Mensa has increased by over half in the past five years. The number of children aged 11 or below who have joined British Mensa currently stands at 319, whilst the overall number of children have risen from 1,344 to 1,956.

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Teachers use therapy to improve student behaviour

Rather than punishing or giving children who misbehave a stern talking to, a school in Berkshire has decided to implement a new teaching methodology that seeks to implement therapeutic learning by looking at the causes of behavioural issues rather than punishing the symptoms.

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