March 2019: Education Market Review

Below is a snapshot of Education and Business-focused news from March 2019, brought to you from the world.

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The rise of private schools and essence of education in Kenya

The rise of private schools and essence of education in Kenya

According to the Teachers Service Commission’s figures, the teachers shortage in both primary and secondary schools stands at around 60,000.

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Google is winning in education, but Apple and Microsoft are battling for market share

Google, Microsoft and Apple are battling for dominance in classrooms. They all want their devices in the hands of the next generation of consumers.

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Morocco teachers protest over working conditions

Several thousand Moroccan teachers are staging a protest in the capital, Rabat, hours after police dispersed an earlier demonstration.

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The Myth Of Nonprofit Higher Ed.

The specifics of the scandal involve outright fraud by people outside of the ivory tower trying to get their kids into the penthouse—elite institutions including Yale and UCLA.

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Blockchain Will Transform (Okay, May Improve) Education

Blockchain is a public ledger that automatically records and verifies transactions. The distributed ledger technology (DLT) powers Bitcoin, Ethereum and other virtual currencies (which have taken a beating this month). Less publicized are all the ways DLT could transform many industries.

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global news highlights

Finland seeks to share its education excellence with the world

The small Nordic nation of just 5.5 million people regularly tops international education league tables. “Our model starts with equity” Mr Heinonen.

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Kenyan teacher wins $1 million global teaching prize

Peter Tabichi was presented with the award in the presence of the Crown Prince of Dubai and actor Hugh Jackman

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Education is the antidote to violence, poverty and corruption, says Nobel prize winner

Huge investment in global education is needed to tackle violence, poverty and corruption, a Nobel Peace Prize winner has said.

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special olympics abu dhabi 2019

Special Olympics World Games ends but leaves its mark on Abu Dhabi

The teams have departed, but while the memories of the Special Olympics will long remain, they are only part of the legacy of an event whose life changing potential is just beginning to unfurl.

More than 7,500 athletes from 190 countries took part in the week-long Games. That means at least 7,500 stories of determination, courage, and perseverance all of which are compelling and uplifting, and who were given a fitting tribute on Thursday night at the closing ceremony.

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UAE pledges more jobs and training programmes for people with disabilities

As the Special Olympics World Games come to an end, Abu Dhabi officials have pledged more training and support programmes for people with disabilities.

The legacy continues after closing ceremony and hard work does not stop after these games,” said Tala Al Ramahi, chief strategy officer at World Games Abu Dhabi.

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UAE schools not meeting moral education expectations

Quarter of UAE schools not meeting moral education expectations

Almost a quarter of schools are not meeting expectations for the government’s new moral education programme.

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Despite oversupply, UAE education sector offers opportunities

The UAE education is experiencing oversupply of schools which will force the low-performing institutions out of the market while the medium and high-end schools will see consolidation, industry executives and experts said during a panel discussion on Wednesday.

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Many UAE children take the bus even if some can walk to school

Despite a growing number of schools opening in various neighbourhoods – most are within walking distance of residential areas – going to school by bus remains a popular option among parents and pupils.

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Dubai parents say school fees should not rise unless standards do

Schools that maintain standards rather than improve each year should not be rewarded by being allowed to hike up their fees, which are already hard to afford, Dubai parents have said.

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Special educators are unique in what they do

Special education is a service and not a place.

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MOCD supports People of Determination in Careers UAE 2019

The Ministry of Community Development, MOCD, will participate in UAE Careers 2019 between19th – 21st March, through its recruitment platform to empower People of Determination (persons with disabilities) and enable them find suitable job and training opportunities.

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Baroness Mary Warnock,


‘I was in awe of her intellect’: tribute to SEND champion Mary Warnock

Baroness Mary Warnock, who authored a landmark report on children with special educational needs and disabilities, has died at the age of 94.

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Councils struggle to recruit educational psychologists

More than two-thirds of local authorities are struggling to fill educational psychologist vacancies, according to new research.

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Teaching assistants are invaluable to learning – so why are we being axed?

Schools are broke, but without teaching assistants, children’s education will suffer. We must lobby the government

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Number of parents fined for term-time holidays at record level

DfE figures show 260,000 penalty notices for children missing school were issued in 2017-18

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England’s post-16 qualifications to be streamlined

Education secretary to launch consultation to check courses are fit for purpose

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Universities to be fined for awarding too many top degrees

Education secretary Damian Hinds to take tough measures on institutions found guilty of artificial grade inflation

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UK global university ranking Brexit warning

Egypt is famous for its pyramids. The UAE is known for its gilded malls and skyscrapers. Finland, meanwhile, is renowned globally for running a gold-standard school system.

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gcse's replaced with degrees

Let’s replace GCSEs and A levels with a diploma

The truth is that GCSEs do not prepare students for work and further study. In fact, the opposite is the case according.

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Prince Edward presents students with Duke of Edinburgh Award

Prince Edward was in Dubai on Monday to congratulate UAE pupils for completing the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

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Australian schools to boost music education

Calls for Australian schools to boost music education

Extensive research into the social, behavioural and academic benefits of music being taught in schools underpins a new decade-long music education strategy in South Australia.

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Chinese investors buying UK private schools will help keep sector afloat, says ex-Harrow head

Struggling private schools should be “jolly pleased” that companies from the Far East want to buy them up, according to Barnaby Lenon, chair of the Independent Schools Council (ISC).

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